Why EZ Vibe

Between work, family and other obligations, we know how hard it is to prepare delicious nutritious meals.
Looking to shake up your taste buds with some new flavors?

EZ Vibe delivers the taste of the island with every bite of any of our meal prep protein and vegan selections.
From partnering with local farms to get the freshest of ingredients directly, we are able to achieve maximum flavor.


    • EZ Vibe provides a balanced menu of Jamaican cuisines that are made from our Jamaican culinary specialists.
    • Produce for our meals is hand selected, locally sourced and always fresh and never frozen.
    • EZ Vibe Meals are chef prepared and packaged in the same day for maximum freshness.
    • Known nutritional values provide our clients the ability to adhere to dietary needs or restrictions
    • Convenient, single-serving portions assure maximum nutrition and control


      • Always fresh, never frozen
      • Locally sourced produce
      • Maximum flavored nutrition
      • Menu variety
    “I need more of that rice and jerk chicken! I just got it and it’s almost gone” Owen O.


    EZ Vibe takes pride in taking care of the earth that has blessed us with so much. We use sustainable packaging for all our products. They are made of compostable, natural fibers from harvested wheat. These boxes are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe to use in microwaves and ovens. Unlike plastic and Styrofoam containers, no harmful chemicals will leach into the food. They don’t have plastic or wax linings, yet they’re fully soak proof.